4-in-1 LaseTIG

The 4-in-1 LaseTIG welder comes with four different welding functions; single pulse, continuous pulse, traditional TIG, and stick (SMAW). The traditional TIG and stick (up to 120 amps) allows your job to be done with speed, and the single pulse and continuous pulse welding gives you precision and weld quality. This machine is capable of welding with filler diameters up to 0.093" (2.3mm)

The 4-in-1 LaseTIG comes with the following accessories:

·       1 air cooled #9 TIG welding torch assembly with a 2.5 meter cable

·       1 ground clamp

·       1 argon gas regulator

·       1 foot peddle assembly

·       1 clear-vision auto darkening welding helmet

·       1 LED light for welding

·       1 set of tungsten electrodes

·       10 pieces of low carbon steel welding wire