About Us

We specialize in applying modern welding technologies to solve your welding needs.  Whether you are working on a home project or a production program, there are six basic elements to be considered in welding: the equipment, skill, material characteristics, weld quality, welding speed, and cost.  With these elements in mind, we continue to explore innovative solutions via research to develop the best approach to convert complex welding issues into simple solutions.


We focus in precision welding and repairing parts of steel, Al, Cu, Ti, Ni, Co, Mo, Ir, and W alloys. Our continuous research, study, and development of the best welding practice allowed us to improve the weld quality and production speed for our customers. We also work with our suppliers to advance the state of the art technologies in welding.

We provide:

  1. Low heat-in-put welding equipment sales

  2. Consulting services to meet your needs as shown below

  3. Welding audits, training, and qualifications.


List of consulting services: (on-site or in-house)

  • Cracking due to welding or heat treatment

  • Lack of fusion, lack of penetration, and/or gas porosity in welds

  • Weld rework and scrap reduction

  • Distortion prevention and control

  • Low heat welding repair of machined parts

  • Welding next to heat sensitive material

  • High temperature welding of difficult alloys

  • Dissimilar metal welding

  • Effective heat treatment and cost reduction

  • Streamline routing and processing

  • Weldability study of new alloys

  • Weldability improvement of existing alloys

  • Pre-production preparation for welding prototypes

  • Mechanical property analysis of welds

  • Code, standard, and specification interpretation and analysis of cost impact due to revisions

  • Alloy comparisons and down-selection