Laser Welders

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How does it work?

Our laser welding machines are designed for manual repair welding (semi-automatic) of castings, molds, dies, machine parts, tools, and jewelries. They use Nd:YAG pulse technology and are available in 200W and 400W. The laser is controlled by a joystick and can be guided to travel in various patterns. The travel speed of the laser can be controlled by the amount of force applied to the joystick, or manually by moving the fixture. For example, when the laser is set in a fixed position with the part on a turn table, the rotation speed of the table determines the travel speed. Welds are made by manually laying the filler wire on top of the base metal and guiding the laser beam towards the wire.

The filler and the base metal are metallurgically joined by inputting a controlled amount of energy. The welding can be seen clearly under the microscope by the welder or observed by others if a separate monitor is wired to the laser scope.


The welding table can be moved away to allow larger parts to be welded on its own fixture or on a scissor table. The laser head can be rotated 360 degrees to provide more space for welding operation.


Welding can be done flat, horizontal, vertical, or in other angled positions with the swing lens kit. This kit allows welding to take place at hard-to-reach-areas, such as on the wall deep inside of a casting or mold.

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Laser Advantages

The pulsing of the laser, normally in milliseconds, greatly reduces the energy input needed to produce a weld. Together with its easy-to-use controls, our laser welding machines offer advantages over other conventional welding processes:


  • Very uniform weld bead shapes and weld passes

  • Very low heat-in-put

  • Extremely small heat-affected-zone

  • Little to no weld distortion

  • Little to no oxidation on the weld puddle

  • Provides a clean welding environment

  • Requires less bevel on groove or cavity repairs

  • Requires less blending of weld reinforcement

  • Versatile (one precision welding machine works on many alloys)