Precision LaseTIG

LaseTIG 1800

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We bring advanced welding technology from the aerospace industry to your home at an affordable price!

If you can’t accommodate a laser welder at home, you may want to consider getting your hands on a small yet powerful LaseTIG! These modern portable welders can produce laser-like welds on thin or thick parts.

What is LaseTIG?

LaseTIG is a pulse arc welding process capable of producing welds like a laser. It uses a conventional TIG torch to deliver a very dense arc in a very short time period. The arc melts a portion of the working piece thus resulting an instant weld pool. The weld wire is placed near the pool and melted into the pool to form a single weld spot. The connection of each individual weld spots becomes a pass. A weld pass can be made by two different ways: one is by multiple push and release of the foot pedal to produce each weld spot, and the other is by holding the pedal down to make continuously overlapping weld spots. The advantages of LaseTIG over conventional TIG is that LaseTIG uses much lower electric energy to produce a weld pass, and there is no burning on the weld pool or nearby base metal.  The cooling rate of the welds is extremely fast, and this allows LaseTIG welds to avoid oxidation and stay clean.  The precise arc energy of each pulse released by the machine allows the welder to consistently make weld beads with uniformity.  The desired weld pool or weld bead size can be adjusted and controlled by using a proper parameter and filler diameter.

LaseTIG can be used to weld and repair on jewelries, kitchen utensils, metal counter tops, farm equipment, metal furniture, auto parts, machine parts, tools, dies, rollers, fixtures, castings, and molds, etc. Alloys can be welded by conventional stick, MIG, TIG or laser welding processes can also be welded by LaseTIG.

4-in-1 LaseTIG

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LaseTIG Advantages

  • Laser-like instant high energy arc welding

  • Very low heat input

  • Very small heat-affected zone

  • Extremely fast cooling rate

  • Very low welding residual stresses

  • Low weld oxidation, discoloration, and distortion

  • Very low cost on electricity and inner gas

  • Low welding fume and smoke

  • High safety in terms of fire hazard and body injuries

  • Excellent repair process for all metals

  • Wide range of weldable filler sizes, from 0.010" up to 0.093" diameters