LaseTIG 1800

LaseTIG 1800 is a micro TIG pulse welding machine capable of producing precision welds from micro to macro scales. The smallest micro welds can be made at 10 to 15 watts consistently for thin or very small parts, and the largest welds with widths of about 0.180" can be made by using 0.062" diameter filler. The welding helmet that comes with LaseTIG 1800 is equipped with six LED lights to illuminate the welding area and allow the welder control of the arc length.


Depending on the alloy and the welding parameters set on the machine, welds can be made with or without the addition of weld wire.  The diameter of usable weld wire ranges from 0.010” to 0.062” (0.3 mm -1.6 mm).  Micro welds will transition into macro welds when the wire diameter used is above 0.025”.  The use of large wires will help increase the welding speed especially on large or thick weld areas.