Consulting Services

  • Provide shop audits to evaluate your manufacturing capabilities in making quality welds.

  • Identify and solve your weld cracking issues on cast, wrought, or forged parts.

  • Investigate and unravel your cracking issues caused by heat treatment.

  • Provide welder training to avoid cracking in the welds and in the base metal heat-affect-zone areas.

  • Provide welding seminars to review and discuss the subjects of your interests.

  • Streamline part routing through manufacturing processes to cut cost and shipping schedule.

  • Propose innovative projects to advance company’s R&D and manufacturing needs.

  • Develop welding procedures to qualify welding processes and welders.(WPS, PQR, & WPQ)

  • Evaluate and solve other welding issues such as weld lack of fusion, lack of penetration, porosity, and inclusion, etc.

  • Provide other services.


We can provide welder training and welding seminars to your welders, floor supervisors, technicians, engineers, and/or managers in an individual or group format.

Welding Seminar:
  • We can provide a seminar (up to 12 hours) to review and discuss the subject of your interest in Steel, Ni, Co, and/or Ti alloys.
Welder Training Program
  • We can train company employees with no previous welding experience in TIG (GTAW) to become disciplined production welders with techniques tailored to your company's products.
  • We can train existing company TIG welders and improve their techniques to your company's production needs.