Laser Welder: Model W400XB


  • A gold-plated aluminum lasing chamber that is effectively chilled by circulating liquid to remove the heat around the YAG crystal thus achieving a life expectancy of 8-10 years. This high quality chamber is equipped with high reflectivity, high corrosion resistance, and high temperature endurance. The replaceable Xenon lamp inside the chamber is capable flashing more than 8 million times.

  • A built-in high speed liquid crystal filtering system in the microscope for automatic removal of reflective radiation and prevent them from entering into the eyes.

  • A crosshair in the microscope that marks the focus spot of the laser to precisely locate the welding spot at 10X (15X is optional) magnification.

  • A high efficiency in-line water chilling system to ensure a stable laser output for long periods of operation.

  • A fast responding intelligent joystick for controlling the spacial movement of the laser beam with ease and comfort.

  • Fast and adjustable mechanics to allow the laser beam to be directed at most angles and positions for repairing molds and castings up to 1.6 meters in diameter.